Adopt a tree

Help Save Endangered Tropical Trees!

The preservation of rare tree species is a difficult task. Your support can make a difference.


Two Higuerón trees on the Viva la Selva farm


Your adopted tree belongs to a regionally - often internationally - rare species. We plant it together with other native tree species in a biodiverse ecosystem, providing a home to many animals and plants. This system not only stores carbon more efficiently than monoculture plantations but also offers better living conditions for the trees (soil quality, pest resistance, etc.).

If your tree does not grow, we will replant it. We protect these trees for at least 20 years.

Every living specimen of an endangered species can help preserve its kind for the region and the world.

For €30, you get:

  • Planting certificate as a personalized PDF (with tree photo).
  • GPS coordinates of the reforestation location
  • Minimum 20 years of tree protection
  • Reports from the Viva la Selva project
In our forest, growing for about 20 years

In our forest, growing for about 20 years

certificado de adopción de un árbol

Certificados Flexibles

We will personalize your certificate according to the occasion. And adapt it to your wishes and intentions in the best possible way. For example, you can get certificates...

  • for yourself

  • for a birthday, Christmas, school or university graduation

  • for birth, baptism, confirmation, wedding, silver wedding anniversary, wooden

  • as a dedication or reminder of someone important to you

  • as a symbol of friendship

  • as a small counter-contribution for air travel, cruises, car trips, etc.

  • as recognition for your colleagues or employees

  • as an award or prize for competitions or company events

  • and many more

let us know exactly what you want for your certificate! We will do our best to issue you with a suitable certificate for your individual event.

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