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Biodiverse Farm by Viva la Selva with Caracolí Tree
  • Biodiversity

    Viva la Selva's Farm with Trees
  • 5 Streams & Springs

    Viva la Selva's Farm and Memeto Creek
  • Protected Tree Species

    Viva la Selva's Farm

Tree Species

We Protect

  • Cedars
  • Almonds
  • Mahogany Trees
  • Bitter Palms
  • Brushwoods
  • Canimes
  • Ebony Trees
  • Balsam Trees
  • Frías
  • Tropical Olives
  • Oaks
  • Tamboleros
  • Higuerones
  • Abarcos
  • Samán Trees
  • Campano de Bledo
  • Ceiba Tolúa
Adopt a Tree
Viva la Selva's Farm, biodiverse forest with tall Tachuelo Trees


Young Balsam and Almond Plants at Viva la Selva's Nursery

Every Tree Species Matters

  • Diverse forests grow faster
  • Biodiverse forests store more CO2
  • Viva la Selva promotes and preserves genetic richness

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In the Heart of Darién-CHOCÓ

Our farm is in the Gilgal community, Unguía district, along the Cutí River, Chocó Department, Colombia.

The region is surrounded by water and mountains: to the northwest, the Darién mountain range (Colombia-Panama border), to the northeast, the Caribbean coast, and to the southeast, the Atrato River, Colombia's richest river.

Ecological Significance of Darién-CHOCÓ

The Chocó-Darién region is one of Earth's rainiest and most biodiverse regions. It's part of the biodiversity hotspot Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena, stretching from the Pacific coast to the Andes, from Panama to Peru. Read More

The Story of La Tribu

How We Became "Eco"

1991 on our "La Tribu" farm, we discovered ecological agriculture and started regenerating its soils. This allowed us to produce most of our food without chemicals, field burning, and less effort.

Nature During the Years of Violence

Unfortunately, in 1996, violence reached Chocó-Darién in full magnitude. Read More